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Self-storage developers in Denver, CO, already were dealing with a report that claimed the city is saturated with self-storage facilities.

Now, the Denver City Council has tightened building restrictions on storage facilities with an unanimous May 20 vote to ban the construction of self-storage facilities within one-quarter mile of any RTD (Regional Transportation District) light-rail train station. Industrial areas are exempt from the ban.

The ban also covers suburban and downtown Main Street zones. Naturally, these densely populated areas are highly desired locations for self-storage developers.

Those bans are meant to ensure that any development that does take place is “pedestrian-oriented and friendly to people,” said Mary Beth Susman, District 5 council member.

“Mini-storage just doesn’t do that. They’re sort of dead zones. There’s nothing for people to do there,” said Susman about self-storage development. “Transportation-oriented development is what is expected around rail lines. Self-storage is not transportation-oriented.”

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