City Councilwoman

Elected President of council in the first year of my first term. Served two terms as President

Directed the council’s work to create the ordinances for recreational marijuana

Created the Short Term Rental ordinance that disallows short term rentals of non-owner occupied homes.

Stopped the 9th and Colo development that was planning on big box stores, i.e. Walmart

Re-worked the Green Roof initiative to incentivize environment friendly buildings

Helped create the first Denver Transportation and Mobility Department

Strong advocate for better mobility in the middle of the city, the donut hole of transit.

Worked to get the restoration of Cranmer Park Plaza done

Got multiple traffic calming changes for the district:

Flashing beacon lights at Holly and Cedar as well as Highline Canal crossing on Dayton

Signal changes at Holly and Alameda

Several pedestrian crosswalks, stop signs/lights, and mini-traffic circle at 7th and Ash


Citizen Advocacy

Chaired the Bond committee for Manual High School that produced the Thunder dome and other athletic and science facilities

Served as Denver chair of the Lowry community advisory committee planning the re-development of the Air Force Base.

Appointed to the Lowry Re-Development Board.

Appointed to the Denver Planning Board

Appointed to the community advisory committee for creating Denver Health

Served on the Colorado Boulevard Health Care District committee.


Professional Background

PH.D. University of Denver

Vice President of the Colorado Community College System

Only person in the US to create three statewide online colleges (Colorado, Kentucky, and Louisiana)

Smithsonian Laureate

Paid For By Susman for City Council