About Mary Beth

Mary Beth Susman is the Denver District 5 Councilwoman and served two terms as President of the Council. She was the first District 5 councilmember to serve as City Council President. Her focus has been on improved mobility, sustainable growth, and smart development.

She received her Ph.D. from the University of Denver and spent her earlier career in higher education, retiring as Vice-President of the Colorado Community College System. She also was the founding President of three state-wide online colleges in Colorado, Kentucky and Louisiana. She is a Smithsonian Laureate for her work in online learning, and her archives are in the Smithsonian American History collection.

Mary Beth has two married daughters, one a psychotherapist and the other a media content producer. She has 3 grandchildren who are, of course, geniuses.

City Committees

Blueprint Denver
2017 GO Bond Transportation and Mobility
East Area Plan
Quebec Alternatives
I-300 Social Consumption of Marijuana Advisory
Retail Strategy Group
Short-Term Rental

City Council Committees

Land Use, Transportation, Infrastructure – Chair
Finance and Government
Green-Roofs Legislation
Business, Arts, Workforce, Aeronautical Services
Marijuana Legislation
Workforce Development Task Force
Short-Term Rentals Task Force
Sidewalks Task Force

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